Whether you want a short cue for a commercial, a theme for your app, or to score your next video-game or film, I am ready to use all the knowledge that I have obtained throughout my 5+ years to accomplish the task in the best way possible. I have good connections with an orchestrator, audio engineer, session musicians and orchestras. I was privileged enough to work with some of the world's finest orchestras including Lisbon, Prague, London, Mexico and Budapest. I can assure you that my team will always deliver the best results regardless of how complicated the project is.

Because I grew up with Disney and Ghibli films, I always prioritize projects that seek the fantasy, magical and nostalgic feeling including but not limited to epic and pirate music as well. These are the sorts of projects that interests me the most and always happy to work on them. The orchestras I worked with are more than capable to deliver such demanding music and I'm always happy to seek other ones if it meets your high budget such as LA, London and Vienna